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Where should I have the flowers delivered?

Funeral Director

Most often deliveries are requested to the funeral directors where the deceased may be resting prior to the service. Delivery to a funeral director is recommended wherever possible as most of the flowers will be delivered to the undertakers allowing them to arrive at the service or home address together with the coffin.

Residential Address

If tributes are delivered to a residential address it is important that you are sure of there being someone at that address at the time of delivery to receive the flowers. Many funeral processions leave from the house and flowers can be laid out for anyone arriving at the house to see.

Church / Crematorium / Place of Worship

It is recommended that wherever possible one avoids ordering flowers for delivery direct to a church, crematorium or place of worship. Very often these places are unmanned and it is not clear where the flowers should be left. Flowers left outside by the florist leaves them open to the extremes of the weather from the moment of delivery until the service and also, unfortunately, flowers have been know to 'walk' on occasions.