What different types of funeral tribute are there?

Choosing the right tribute can be difficult so we have set out below a guide as to the different types of funeral flowers. Also, remember we are here to help so please call as we can produce a tribute in any style and colours.

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The 'posy' tribute is a beautiful yet simple design suited to any kind of funeral. The circular design allows for the flowers and foliages to be viewed well from any angle, and creates a lovely clean cut shape.

Funeral Spray

The 'spray' is a very popular tribute to send to a funeral, as it can be made very formal or informal depending on your relationship to the deceased. There is the single ended design or the more formal double ended spray.

Tied Sheaf

Ideal if you are wanting a tribute that looks really natural, and that could be sent on to either a home or hospital after the funeral. A step on from the traditional cut flowers in cellophane.


The wreath is the sympathy tribute most people know. This traditional design has been sent to funerals, as a mark of respect for years, but now can be created in more contemporary styles.

Coffin Sprays

A double ended spray the funeral flower coffin spray should usually be selected by the the close family or the person arranging the funeral and/or funeral flowers.


A symbol of charity, the heart is very popular for the immediate family or closely bereaved. Representing love and compassion, it makes a deeply personal statement.

Funeral Crosses

Funeral cross tributes are an emotive and popular choice at funerals. Carefully crafted and hand delivered they are available in a choice of sizes, colours and styles to suit most budgets.

Letter Tributes

A popular tribute, floral letters are seen at many funerals and are often one of the main family tributes. Create the name or word of your choice finished with striking but delicate floral detailing.

Special Tributes

Specific memories of the deceased brought to life through flowers, as a lasting gesture of love and friendship. Whatever tribute you require we guarantee a lasting memory to keep forever.

Cushions & Pillows

Both floral cushions and pillows symbolise a comfortable last resting place for the deceased. Available in a range of colours and sizes to suit an budget.