What type of Funeral Flowers to send

What type of flowers should I send?

Your relationship to the deceased or the bereaved in many cases dictates the type of tribute you may wish to send. Our Funeral Flower Guide provides some guidance to help you choose the correct item to send.

The Funeral Flower Coffin Spray is normally chosen by the the close family or those in charge of arranging the funeral and/or funeral flowers. In the case of Funeral Name tributes these also are normally sent by the family however there are occassions when close friends have a particular 'nickname' or similar they wish to reproduce in flowers.

It is always worth checking whether the family has requested a colour theme and if so you should pick a tribute accordingly. However, you will find that any tribute will be much appreciated along with any message that accompanies it.

Normally you will have a 'feel' for the style and colour of the funeral flowers you want to send so do not be afraid to ask for them. We can always advise you if you need any help in this area as we have years of experience sending funeral tributes of all different shapes styles and colours.